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Paid Ads

Increase sales, album streams and converstion rates with paid ads campaign.



 Rank First Page on SERP’s. Get organic website visitors to your business today!

Content Marketing

Ready to maximize the exposure of your next content? 

Social Media Management

Strategies tailored specifically to your business and brand.

Web Design

Take your business online with our professional website development. 

Link Building

Build your website reputation and get more relevant backlinks.


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🚀 Our team of experts focus on delivering results to you and your business.


⭐ From celebrity clients to international and local businesses, our team of marketing professionals are always ready to help you grow, capture and convert leads, build customer loyalty and formulate actionable marketing strategies for your business.


🔑 We understand fast pace markets and busy executive schedules, and for this reason we are always available any time of the day and night. We truly are a customer centric agency, where you and your business goals are always our first priority.


why work with ema?

Social Media Management


💡 Let our team of experts manage and grow your business social media assets

✔ Gain Massive Followers

✔ Gain Massive Engagement

✔ Custom Social Media Strategy

✔ Go Viral On The Explore Page

✔ Increase Sales & More!

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Increase Sales & Digital Traffic

✔ Drive The Right Customer To Your Business

✔ Capture More Leads

✔ Build Customer Relationships & Loyalty

✔ Increase Sales And Conversion Rates For Your Business Today

What our clients say about EMA

They’re good in SEO and Digital Marketing. Their approach and results are amazing. And it’s very needed in this competitive market.

CEO MiamiMike

CEO / President, PTE / SODMG

Exclusive Marketing Agency is one of the best agencies out there!

Lil Twist

Recording Artist, Young Money

Working with EMA totally changed my business. My website traffic skyrocketed and that made a huge impact on my monthly sales.

Simon Watson

Affiliate Marketer & Ecommerce, WhatIsWeightLossAbout

Frequently Asked Questions


We charge a monthly retainer fee for our services. This retainer fee is based on the number of hours and the specific requirements to work on your website and marketing campaign.

You campaign’s lifetime cost is then amortized into a monthly retainer.


You can decide between 3 months, 6 months or a year+. The minimum retainer for a marketing campaign is 3 months, because anything less would make it extremely difficult to produce successful results to our clients.


Results vary as they depend on your current starting point, your industry and your marketing goals and objectives. Most SEO clients see results within 30 to 90 days. Other types of campaigns may be faster or longer, depending on your objectives, current market and competitors.


Yes, we guarantee that the technical work, consulting and expertise you pay for will be delivered. What we cannot guarantee is sales and Google ranking you first place. Since we are not Google, we cannot make a guarantee that. However, we guarantee to give you the maximum exposure and the correct SEO strategies in order to give you the best possible chance for Google to rank your website first page. As for sales, sales depend on your product, pricing and market. Those factors we do not control as they are directly related to your business and how your business operates.

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