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Our Framework

Client Onboarding

When you sign up to work with EMA, we will immediately send you our client onboarding questionnaire where we will get to know your business better, along with the contact info for every employee in our agency working on your campaign.

Website Quality Audit & Deep Analysis

We begin by assessing your website, content, backlinks and other factors that can impact your ranking visibility. Your data tells us a lot about where you are and how we can take you to where you want to be.

Competitor Analysis

The next phase is to research & analyse your existing competitors. Here we will search for keywords and links opportunities. We will continuously monitor and improve your marketing efforts in order to keep you ahead of the competition.

Strategy Sessions & Implementation

Once we have all the data collected, we will move on to the next phase; strategy sessions. We will plan a working strategy that will meet your marketing goals and implement each step. During our strategy sessions, we will do consulting calls with you and your team to assure your goals are met.

Monitoring, Adjusting & Implementation

After your campaign goes live, we will continuously monitor the campaigns’ health and results. As we go forward, we will adjust your campaign making any necessary improvements and updates. In addition, we strive to always be one of the leading agencies with innovation and customer support in mind. We are always available for a conference call and we are here to help you reach your marketing goals the best way possible.


Since I started working with Exclusive Marketing Agency my sales have increased over 300% and we are now expanding our business to new locations!

Miami Mike

Entrepreneur, The Soap Shop Franchise

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Frequently Asked Question


Our agency charges a monthly retainer fee based on the service you require. The retainer fee is based on the amount of hours, technical expertise and work required to deliver each package. The total cost of a campaign can also be amortized into a monthly payment over the lifespan of your campaign.


You can decide between 3 months, 6 months or a year+. The minimum retainer for a marketing campaign is 3 months, because anything less would make it extremely difficult to produce successful results to our clients.


Results vary as they depend on your current starting point, your industry and your marketing goals and objectives. Most SEO clients see results within 30 to 90 days. Other types of campaigns may be faster or longer, depending on your objectives, current market and competitors. For more details about your campaign please contact us directly.


Yes, we guarantee that the technical work, consulting and expertise you pay for will be delivered. What we cannot guarantee is sales and Google ranking you first place. Since we are not Google, we cannot make that guarantee. However, we guarantee to give you the maximum exposure and the correct SEO strategies in order to give you the best possible chance for Google to rank your website first page. As for sales, sales depend on your product, pricing and market. Those factors we do not control as they are directly related to your business and how your business operates.


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