Local SEO means showing up in the search results when your potential customers and clients are searching online after recommendations in your area. Make sure you’re in the top search results for your niche and area, and see your business grow.

Local SEO

Can Your Local Customers Find You Online?


Increase Your Visibility

Over the last few years search engines have been giving more weight to local factors in their rankings. Increase your visibility by doing local SEO, or risk getting pushed to the bottom of SERPs. 

Personalized Solutions

Every business and website is different and therefore the course of action will also look different from client to client.  We offer personalized solutions, tailered to your needs and goals. 

See Your Profit Grow

By following good local SEO practices you will quickly see your profit grow. By doing the right local SEO, we ensure you show up in local search engine searches. This means doing the right local SEO markup, link acquisition, brand mentions, local directories, Google My Business setup and more. 

Build Online Reputation

Online reputation management opens new doors for your business. Most people in todays digital world goes online to search for problems, services and reviews before they make a purchasing decision. Make sure you display the best image of your business online to increase revenue.

Local SEO focuses on the services your business truly have. The goal is to increase revenue for your business by getting more physical visitors, phone calls, leads and create greater awareness and a bigger buzz about your business and brand. 

SEO Vs Local SEO

Local SEO nowadays can make or break a business. The majority uses search engines to find out about local businesses and see their reviews. Whether it be a hair salon, clothing store or a lawyer firm, showing up on Googles local listing play all the difference.

  • It’s local SEO that enables your business to surpass big, international corporations in the search engine rankings. Local SEO is done differently than regular SEO. Instead of going for links from the biggest authorities in your field, we go for local links that gives more trust in your company on a city level. If we google “Asian restaurant” + “New York”, it’s most likely we’re looking for an asian place to eat in N.Y, we don’t usually want to get general information about Asian restaurants or a recipe collection about Asian food. Therefore Google and other search engines gives a preference to local businesses as opposed to big, international ones. Google supports a specific markup schema for this, something we will take care of for you. 
  • This is where we want to end up in the SERPs:

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Google displays a standard three pack for local listings keywords. This is where you’ll want your business to be displayed. Google uses over 200 ranking factors, which makes  climbing ranks a complex endevour. We will, through our expertise, take care of your business the whole way through. 

  • Online Reputation Management
    We will help you start and/or improve your online presence. Online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up in search engines about your business. We will both help you identify which content to promote and help boost high in search engines to help build your brand, and which damaging content we may find ‘out there’ about your business that we may want to clean up.


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Our FREE Local SEO website analysis includes

  • Crawl Analysis
  • Content indexation

  • Duplicate content
  • Nofollow links
  • Error pages
  • Broken Links
  • Meta keywords
  • External links structure
  • XML sitemaps
  • HTML sitemaps
  • HTML code errors
  • Page size
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image optimization
  • And more!


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