Artist Marketing Solutions

Are you ready to take your artist career to the next level?

Work with a success proven team. Our custom tailored marketing solutions for artists offers you an unique opportunity to work with the best in the industry.

Choose the right solution package for your needs and begin working with the A&R team and marketing experts that work with PTE, Republic Records, Young Money, Sony, SODMG, Epic and others.

Working with established artists and a large range of record labels, projects from around the world and a diverse range of fan demographics enables us to help you reach your goal quicker. We already have a working winning recipe. We understand what artists need and what the fans want.
This lowers the costs for you as an artist. Not only in terms of our prices, but in terms of saving you from mistakes. The less mistakes you make when marketing your project, album and image, the quicker and better the results will be. In addition, testing what marketing strategy works and what doesn’t can be a timely and costly mistake.
Let us take care of your marketing and content planning, so you can focus on the music.

They’re good in SEO and Digital Marketing. Their approach and results are amazing. And it’s very needed in this competitive market.
CEO MiamiMike

CEO / President, PTE / SODMG

Exclusive Marketing Agency is one of the best marketing agencies out there.
Lil Twist

Recording Artist, Young Money

Why EMA?

Our agency is specialized in SEO and Digital Marketing. We have ranked hundreds of keywords on top Search Engine Results for clients, grown over 5 million fans, and delivered over 10 million soundcloud and spotify plays.

Trends, Tech, Success

Here at EMA, we are constantly monitoring in real-time the latest trends, technology and techniques in the ever changing field of digital marketing. Staying ahead of the curve is not only important for SEO and Social Media Marketing, but it is essential to ensure your marketing strategy is effective and up to date to meet your target audience interest and demand. 

Nurture Your Fan Base -Build Relationships And Community

Putting out great content allows artists to build a relationship with their audience. Nurture this relationship and build a loyal community around your brand. All of this takes careful strategic planning, something we are happy to take care of.

Build Your Brand

We help you build your brand’s image the right way. From the beginning we will focus on your goals and based on your starting point, we will create a marketing strategy that fits your needs best. We take care of researching and understanding your audience. Than we communicate your brands’ message through the right marketing channels and deliver it in a way your audience listens.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will this help my career?

We help you with marketing solutions based on your plan of choice. For artists and businesses, trying to sell a product online or have your music be heard and build a fan base without a solid marketing strategy is similar to betting on luck for success. Our agency helps you through out your journey to target your audience, create content that meets your artistic and marketing goals and help you build the right fan base. In addition to helping you gain fans, plays and the right PR, we also offer consulting and strategic planning to help you land sponsors and show performances.


2. What happens after I pay?

After you choose your plan, we will contact you for our first consultation. We will listen to where you are in your career, where do you want to go and which steps you’re currently taking to get there. We will go over your existing material and any new project you’re working on. From this point, we will build a marketing strategy custom to you. Depending on your marketing solution plan, we will adjust your strategy weekly, bi weekly or monthly. We will be continuously working on increasing your fan base, audience reach and exposure within your targeted audience

3. How long until I see results?

Immediately. The moment we begin working, our first consultation will set you up in the right direction both in terms of content creation and on how you approach building a fan base. Remember, we are a marketing agency, but it is your responsibility to generate the content. We will develop your mindset so that you can begin to see your content through the lenses of a marketing professional and better understand how to target your audience with the content you create. Than we will deploy the custom marketing strategy designed to meet your marketing objectives. We have grown over 5 million followers and delivered over 10 million plays for our clients. In addition to countless sponsors and shows, our clients have landed record deals and built multiple streams of income while actively working in the music industry. 

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